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Hello! My name is Xiomara. I'm 24. Fan of Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Suits, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Reign, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Elementary, Scandal, Teen Wolf, Psych, Bones, Castle, Rookie Blue and many other shows. I love cats, colorful things in general, and nice quotes. That's what you'll find here. Enjoy! =]



Snapchat’s half of my school need to see.

Snapshot the whole world needs to see.

Castiel will finally interact with Dean’s demonic side in this week’s outing. “It’s a pretty strenuous meeting,” Ackles previews. “Dean is still not quite Dean, and Cas is having to, unfortunately, use some powers he would rather not have to use against Dean.”

Even though the angel is facing his own problems and is low on grace, “Castiel is hellbent on ridding Dean of his demon and willing to do anything, no holds barred, to make sure he’s no longer a demon,” Misha Collins says, adding that their face-to-face is “a little touchy.”

I’m used to it

The saddest thing you can hear someone say. (via bl-ossomed)

After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week.

This thought has been haunting me for months (via sebatsianstans)


When someone reblogs an ancient post from your blog, one that wasn’t even tagged  




baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive



sometimes i wish supernatural wasn’t on the CW for the sole reason that I really just want to hear Dean say "fucking" instead of “friggin’”

cause you know that boy curses like a sailor. 



You’ve Been Pouring Juice Wrong

what the fuck

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